Special Rehabilitation Centers

There are (3) special rehabilitation centers in the governorate of Muscat that have been licensed by the ministry according to the Regulation of rehabilitation centers establishment for the disabled, issued by Ministerial resolution No. 124/2008 for conducting activities of rehabilitation centers for the disabled, which are:

  1. Muscat Autism Centre
  2. Innovation Center for Rehabilitation
  3. Ro'a Center for Rehabilitation

Government centers

  • Al-Wafa  Social  Centersen
  • Rating and vocational rehabilitation centeren
  • Safety Rehabilitation Centeren

 Rehabilitation centers affiliated to Care of the Disabled Children Association:

The number of these centers are (10) in some Wilayats of the Sultanate, in addition to the Counseling Center at the headquarters of the association. These centers serve the disabled children with Mini, medium hearing and mental disabilities and with dual disabilities from the age of 5-13 years.

  • AL Manayer Autism Center
  • Arab Center for Autism
  • Center Generations Autism
  • Dhofar Autism Center
  • Early Intervention Association for Disabled Children
  • Gulf Centre for Rehabilitation
  • Haven Center for Rehabilitation
  • Horizon Center for Autism
  • Innovation Center for Rehabilitation
  • Integrated Autism Center
  • Jalan Autism Center
  • Muscat Autism Center
  • Quality Center for Autism
  • Roa Rehabilitation Center
  • alawael center
  • continue Center for Autism
  • hams al-theer rehab center
  • nebras al-atheer autism center
  • the Specialty Center for Autism
  • white hands center