FAQ  persons with disabilities

FAQ persons with disabilities

Q1: how do I get a disabled card?

disabled card is obtained from directorates and departments of social development in the regions, by filling card application form and bring the necessary documents: medical report and a copy of identity card.

Q2: Do all people with disabilities can get the card?


Q3: What are the facilities provided through this card for persons with disabilities?

There are many facilities that are provided for persons with disabilities- See more services and facilities.

Q4: What are prosthetic devices and medical aids provided by the Ministry for persons with disabilities?

The ministry provides many of prosthetic devices and aids according to the regulation for the disbursement of prosthetic devices issued by Ministerial Decree (235/2014).

Q5: From where can I get the prosthetic devices and medical aids?

After obtaining a medical recommendation, a person can directly apply for devices through the directorates of social development and regional departments .

Q6: What is the role of the Ministry in employment of persons with disabilities?

  1. Coordination with Public Authority of Manpower Register and the bodies concerned with employment.
  2. The ministry provides job opportunities commensurate with their disability and qualifications. Also they have priority in getting the job in the case of equality with non-disabled.
  3. Follow-up the application of the percentage (2%) Legally prescribed to hire persons with disabilities.
  4. In the field of self-projects, the ministry is working in coordination with the Alraffd fund to support persons with disabilities to manage their own businesses.